Iron Spring Gallery

First Friday June 5, 201, 6-9pm
Iron Spring Gallery Silent Auction

Proceeds from this auction will help Strolling Village Artisans continue our work, bringing arts and education to the local community and beyond. As a cooperative we strive to be a effective vehicle for our independent artists to showcase their work. We also share our gifts by providing classes, supporting emerging artists, and, through the Front Street Art Festival, creating an annual scholarship for a student or students of Ballston Spa High School intending to pursue college education in the arts. By supporting Strolling Village Artisans you are impacting the lives of our artists and their families and supporting your local community.

You can support us by participating in our silent auction. You will not only be supporting a great cause, you may also get yourself an amazing gift of art or a truly unique gift to share with a friend.

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